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Cold Snap

Crisp, fresh and hoppy, Pilsner-style Cold Snap unites beer and lager drinkers.


Frothingham Best

Voted world’s best bitter after sending judges’ taste buds on a voyage of discovery.



Session IPA with citrus fruit aroma with tropical fruit hop flavour, balanced beautifully with a light bitterness.


Jem’s Stout

Find out why the dog looks so longingly at her black and white pint.


Liquorice Lads Stout

Deep and dark, just taste those Pontefract cakes.


Mixed Bottles

Mixed bottles supplied in smart GNB packaging.


Pricky Back Otchan

Drink to the future of hedgehogs with this robust golden bitter.


Sleck Dust

Blonde ale does what it says, brilliantly – slecks dust or quenches thirst.